Strategic Operations

As the market continues to evolve, unique day-to-day challenges persist and grow more complex. Our extensive suite of finance, enterprise performance, compliance, and quality control services help clients set a compelling vision for embracing and overcoming disruptive forces. We unlock efficiency and insights to optimize and (re)organize how and where work gets done — all to deliver more value and superior financial returns while fostering social equity. 

We solve tough, complex problems by bringing an approach to executable strategy that combines deep industry knowledge, rigorous data analysis, and insight to enable confident action. We help business and community leaders optimize opportunities by navigating the strategic choices that support innovation, collaboration, and changing social and economic dynamics.

Our services take the long view of the technologies and processes of tomorrow and help make them real today.

Minority HomeBuyers Workshop ®

We created and implemented a curriculum and strategies to identify and overcome barriers to BIPOC access to credit and home ownership. This program addresses redlining, property devaluation, stripped land rights, and displacement due to eminent domain.

Leveraging the resources of the financial services experts, real estate professionals, and municipal community organizations for a three-tiered approach to building and sustaining growth and development in BIPOC communities.

Providing a comprehensive curriculum and collaborative learning environment that begins in the classroom (virtual and in person) and ends with keys to each buyer’s first home.   

Bridging the gap between traditional financial services providers and government-sponsored financial literacy programs to meet people where they are and get them where we need them to be.  This is s a complete class-to-keys process addressing the needs of new, existing, and transitional homeowners with resources to maintain and sustain housing, home ownership, and complete communities. 

Each of our partners in financial services, real estate, construction & development, and government resources is vetted and approved to meet our high standards and values for providing a unique, comprehensive, and highly effective experience of excellence.

Working directly with non-profits, civil rights organizations, and service providers, Evan Mackenzie Consulting develops strategies designed to reach and support underserved and unserved communities of color to provide equitable access to resources and investment to drive complete communities.